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I write about politics, dogs, relationships, and my life.
Bella and Rookie

When I was a kid, I collected dogs, not actual dogs but small porcelain dog figurines. I always loved dogs. But it wasn’t until 2011 I got my first dog, and that was Rookie.

I was looking online for a poodle when I found Rookie back in September of 2011. His name was Collin. He was one year old, and he was at the San Pedro Shelter. He had been at the shelter for almost six months. I couldn’t believe it when I saw him that he had been there for so long because Rookie was so handsome, intelligent, and…

When we see people, we see potential


We are about to launch KREWBOOK, and I want to invite you to our network. KREWBOOK is a closed club for entrepreneurs and friends that values hard work, kindness, honesty, and loyalty.

Getting work in Film & TV Production and the hospitality industry has never been more challenging since the pandemic. Our members have extensive experience in the film industry, hospitality, media, art, and technology, and we will be the go-to site to find you the perfect job. Creating this community has never been more critical.

KREWBOOK is an employment marketplace that uses word-of-mouth to connect people to their next…

Watching the sunset with Ruby

I keep talking about the same things over and over again. Sometimes I post on social media, but nobody reads what you post on social media. That’s why I started writing on Medium and Substack. To have discussions with people that care about issues that I care about. I write about many things on my blog, but my family must think I only write about politics as no one in my family reads my blog. I don’t know what to make of that. Kind of sad, actually.

The other day I got upset when I talked to some family members…

Author: Linda

Chapter 6

A future that I was once so sure about crumpled before my eyes.

My relationship with Andrew was a whirlwind for sure. We had many ups and downs, but we also had an extraordinary love in between us. I loved Andrew so much, and now, looking back, I know I loved him more than I loved myself at the time. And that is a problem. If you don’t love your self how can you love someone else? I don’t think Andrew loved himself either. I met Andrew online and fell in love with who I thought was this…

I have worked on hundreds of productions (movies, tv-shows, commercials, and music videos); one of my all-time favorite movies I worked on was Courage Under Fire, filmed in 1995-96 in Austin and El Paso, Texas.

I had only been working for Deluxe Motion Picture Catering for a few months when I got asked to go to Texas and work on Courage Under Fire for 3 months. I would be working with some of my favorite people; Chris was the Chef on this show; he had worked for Deluxe for a few years and was an excellent chef and a wonderful…

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Chapter 5

I take a home pregnancy test, and it shows two red lines. I am pregnant. I remember feeling so conflicted. I was glad to see I was pregnant as I have always wanted to have a child, but I also felt so alone and sad. I sit down and read the letter he had left for me. I can’t stop crying; tears run down my face.

He had left me again; he doesn’t want to be with me. I call him, but he doesn’t pick up his phone, so I text and email him and tell him I…

Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash

Chapter 4

The day had finally come when I was meeting Greg. It was a Saturday in February, and we had decided to meet for lunch at a restaurant in Santa Monica.

I was so nervous, but I was very excited to meet Greg. I arrive at the restaurant early and get us a table. Greg arrives on time, and I am grateful to see he looks like he does in his pictures. He actually looked better in real life.

I couldn’t believe we had talked for almost two years online and just had our first date. It just didn’t…

Ruby and me

In November 2019, I was on my way back to Los Angeles from Nashville, where I had lived for the last 2 years. I had gotten a job offer to work on a Netflix tv show for 3 months, so I decided to leave Nashville for a little while, go and do this job as Los Angeles is my home. I moved to LA in the early nineties and started my own catering company in early 2000, but it really didn’t start to flourish until 2010.

I open a restaurant in 2014 in North Hollywood, right down the street from…

Photo by Dirk Spijkers on Unsplash

As someone who’s been watching the Bachelor shows since the beginning, I am fascinated by this story. Here is the story for the people who have no idea who the Bachelor is or who Rachael Kirkconnell is.

This season the Bachelor is Matt James, a handsome 29-year-old guy from North Carolina. He is also the first black Bachelor lead.

The Bachelor revolves around a single bachelor who begins with a pool of romantic interests from whom he is expected to select a wife. …

Photo by Andrew Ruiz on Unsplash

I am an immigrant and came to this country in the early nineties. I was a young woman from Sweden and always dreamt of coming to America. My friends were going to England and the Greek Islands, but I only wanted to go to America.

I remember my first live sporting event here in the United States, a Kings game, and the great one, Wayne Gretzky, was still playing. As a huge sports fan and Hockey fan, I was literally in heaven. When I heard the National Anthem, and everyone was standing up and removed their hats, it was such…

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